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Time to crack out the thermal undies!

Hey Greenies,

After a night of typical Winter weather I feel it only fitting to send you some Winter warmers on this cold, wet, Sunday. I hope you're snuggled in front of a blazing fire with delicious aromas wafting around from the traditional Sunday roast and thoughts of which bottle of grape juice to pop the cork on to best suit the meal, mood and company... ahhhhh don't you just love Sundays! (I apologise for creating any rest-day envy amongst you if the image painted above is not your current's not mine either, right now but we can dream can't we lol, plus the day is young, there's still time :))!

So, feeling chilled to the bone right now? I find thinking warm thoughts helps me on days like this and the colours of nature through the colder months really help. I'm loving the two Liquid Amber trees in my garden (they're helping me cope with the sad yellow wilting mess that is our, ordinarily fabulous, Fig tree next to them)! That neatly brings me to the point of this weekly waffle of mine...Nandina. This is their time of year, they just keep getting better and better when all around them other plants succumb to the ravages of the season. Nandina aka Sacred Bamboo lends itself to many planting styles and it's different varieties appeal to most, in fact it's easier for me to exclude the application they're unsuitable for than to detail their potential...just to spell that out (hehe), not ideal for hanging baskets :)

Usually form a round to mound, compact, growth habit, suitable for a full sun to part shade position with well drained soils. Foliage colours become more intense when grown in full sun. A pretty easy to please plant being frost and humidity tolerant, requiring little water once established.

Have a great week and stay warm!

Best wishes Jo Joanne Hughes Wanneroo Plant Farm Ph: 08 9405 2615


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