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So much to show you all!

Morning Perthlings, We've got an absolute bevy of beauties for your browsing pleasure today fellow Greenies! Definitely lots of food for thought for the landscapers among you or those with a passion for planting to encourage and enhance our native environment. First up though is a mere token of our enormous range of indoor lovelies, the stunning Schefflera Alpine Junior. Perfect indoors, doing well in low-light situations or outside in a shady position, this Umbrella Tree will boast evergreen, glossy leaves and a columnar growth habit which is encouraged to bush-out with regular pruning. An easy care plant requires regular watering through the main growing season, a lot less in cooler months and well draining soil. Next we have two succulent varieties that add a tremendous splash of colour to any landscape. The striking Euphorbia Fire Stick, Orange variety aka Tree Spurge looks fantastic in any landscape or feature pot, offering height, texture and colour. The fine succulent foliage does well in full sun and the colour intensifies in the cooler months. The deep magenta shades of the Mesembryanthemum Magenta aka Pig Face in flower, further enhance the landscape, rockery or feature pot with its easy-care evergreen, succulent foliage. A fabulous creeping, spreading growth will range up to 60cm wide and 30cm high and withstand a coastal environment. This tough little native loves a sunny position in sandy, well draining soil. Our array of Anigozanthos speak for themselves in a range of varieties to suit every application and native project. The crowning glory this week are those stunning native Grevillea flowers of all colours, shapes and sizes, alluring to the birds, bees and beneficial bugs that we so desperately need to encourage. I'll leave you to feast your eyes on the photos attached. Have a great week and wrap up warm! Happy planting :) Jo Joanne Hughes Wanneroo Plant Farm Ph: 08 9405 2615


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