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Petal Popping!

Hi Greenies,

This week's planty pics are both popping out the petals for your positive pleasure!

Native to China, Taiwan and South East Asia, Rhaphiolepis intermedia aka White Indian Hawthorn is a bushy, evergreen shrub with dark green glossy, leathery leaves and white, star shaped flowers in spring and summer, maturing to berries in winter. Good for coastal positions, it's dense, hardy foliage and blooms in springtime make it an attractive addition.

Good for shrubberies (oh my goodness...I'm feeling an attack of the Monty Python's coming on!), large pots, planters, and excellent as hedging with a max height and width of 2.5m. Drought tolerant and hardy but prefer well drained soils.

At this time of year we just have to include one of our gorgeous flowering natives! A compact form of Anigozanthos manglesii that grows to less than 1m high. Anigozanthos Royal Cheer with it's scarlet red and emerald green flowers, perfect for attracting wildlife to the garden. Performs well in pots, and in garden borders in a sunny, well drained spot.

Have a great week. All the best. Jo Joanne Hughes Wanneroo Plant Farm Ph: 08 9405 2615


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