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Is it Lobelia, is it Star Jasmine, is it a creeper, is it ground cover...

Happy weekend fellow Perthites!


No and yes!

It is a ground cover and a creeper, a distant relative of Lobelia and it has gorgeous tiny white star-shaped flowers like jasmine but it's Pratia! A fast-growing plant that has a low, dense carpet able to withstand light foot traffic and flowers during spring and summer. Great in rockeries as edging or around pavers and attractive, delicate lawn. Water well until the plant is established, prefers moist conditions, water often during dry periods. Drought and full sun tolerant when established but prefers cooler, shadier places for best results, can grow up to 10cm high and 1.5 m wide.

Another favourite ground cover, Sedum Gold Mound, produces soft needle-like lime green/yellow foliage and tiny star shaped yellow flowers attracting butterflies! Great in garden beds, rockeries, succulent bowls or pots, even hanging baskets! Drought and light frost tolerant when established!

Have a great week.

Kind regards Jo Joanne Hughes Wanneroo Plant Farm Ph: 08 9405 2615


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