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Hola Perthlings,

I hope you've been enjoying the cooler, wetter weather as much as I have, although I'm still looking forward to lower humidity and a drop of just a couple more degrees would suit me down to the ground please Universe! :)

So with the cooler temps we can look forward to forging ahead with planting plans and projects. On this theme we decided to showcase two awesome, flowering shrubs, both fantastically effective in mass planting or low hedging.

Westringia Blue Gem is a gorgeous native shrub with fine green foliage topped off beautifully by a profusion of bright blue/purple flowers during Autumn and Spring that diminish to a scattering throughout other periods. It grows to around 1.5m tall and is quite a hardy little customer!

Sida Fallax aka Butterkin has golden yellow Hibiscus-like flowers in miniature. It's a low-growing shrub that flowers abundantly for the majority of the year. It lends itself to many different applications: low hedging (growing to around 1m tall), edging plant, or groundcover. Thriving in full sun or lightly shaded areas and loving a good regular prune to encourage flowering. Happy planting people and don't hesitate to call for any help or advice regarding our availability list. Best wishes Jo Joanne Hughes Wanneroo Plant Farm Ph: 08 9405 2615


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