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Happy Valentine's Day Perthlings! 💚

According to the origins of what has become a very commercialised celebration worldwide are a little sketchy to say the least! Apparently there were many St. Valentines throughout history, all of whom were martyrs and many met a nasty end during Roman times! Apparently good old Geoffery Chaucer (writer of a few best-sellers in his time and delightfully portrayed in the popular Heath Ledger movie, A Knight's Tale), was the first to document the link between the mid-february love-fest and the initiation of the mating season for birds in England. How that became inextricably linked to St. Valentine, patron saint of lovers, engaged couples, happy marriages, beekeeping, epilepsy, the plague, fainting and travelling (amongst the many listed responsibilities) is beyond even the extraordinary capacity of the all-seeing, all-knowing Google search!!!

So for those who nearly lost their head over the lack of a suitable Valentine's Day gift, fear not, we have the divine Alternanthera Little Ruby, the color of deep rich love hearts and compete with heart-shaped gift tag...or the delectable Trachelospermum Jasmine whose fragrance is a pure fraternisation of the female olfactory perception and if all that fails you can bring out the big guns of fragrance fantasy...yes, Gardenia, in many shades of white, it's fragrance is a very pleasant assault on the senses identifiable with one's eyes closed! I've attached piccies of each for inspiration!

Have a great week out there :)

All the best

Jo Joanne Hughes Wanneroo Plant Farm Ph: 08 9405 2615


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