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Happy Easter Greenies!

Here's "hopping" you've had a choctastic long weekend with family, friends and goodies to eat! I'll keep my plant info brief this week as you'll all be trying to enjoy your time off and not wasting it reading my waffle! This week I'm pimping the gorgeous Mesembryanthemum (Pig Face) Magenta, a stunning hardy succulent that adds a great splash of colour and a favourite of ours is the Alternanthera Little Ruby, a landscapers darling! Both of these lend themselves to planters, rockeries or just great at forming groundcover wherever you need it. For any info on these or any that appear on our attached availability list don't hesitate to drop me an email or give us a call. Have a great week! Best wishes Jo Joanne Hughes Wanneroo Plant Farm Ph: 08 9405 2615


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