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Colourful greetings!

Hey Perthlings,

What a fabulous weekend, finally dry enough for our waist-high grass to be cut (thanks to the boys from Flametree Arb and Gardening)!

This week we are throwing a positive rainbow of colour at you with magnificent blooms and fiery foliage!

Seeing the bright red new growth of our Nandina Obsession through Spring just reinforces how it made it into our fabulous Balinese Dream range. It's outstanding colour is like a beacon in the garden! It's dense but delicate foliage has an upright growth habit making it ideal for low hedging, random shrub planting or as a feature in an ornamental pot. Thriving in full sun or moderate shade, when established, this beauty is tolerant of drought and cold weather; growing to around 70cm in height and width in ideal conditions it's a great choice for many applications.

Native Iris, Purple Flag or Patersonia Occidentalis is an easy-care clumping perennial growing from a rhizome. Loved by so many for its flexibility, hardiness and gorgeous purple-blue flowers it will grow to around 0.5m wide and 0.6m high even in loamy, sandy or poor quality soil or coastal conditions! This lovely grass-like native is even tolerant of light frost so a very good plant for more difficult situations and highly attractive to bees, butterflies and other beneficial bugs.

Like Patersonia the Pimelea Magenta Mist is a native shrub with clusters of vibrant dark pink flowers. Foliage is tantalizingly arranged geometrically around the stem and it's a true wildlife magnet, especially to butterflies. Thriving in well drained soil in a sunny position and a frost-free climate these are drought-tolerant, easy care plants growing up to 1m tall and wide in ideal conditions.

Pig face! What was the person thinking when they came up with that common name! Mesembryanthemum Dwarf Pink is a bit of a mouthful but I just don't see a dirty snout when I look at these pretty, daisy-style blooms! These drought-tolerant dainty groundcovers that can live off very little water are ocean-side tolerant and need next to no care except the occasional trim. Their flowers are vibrant pink and their succulent foliage has an iridescence that glitters in sunlight. A low-growing carpet-forming succulent, great in rockeries, pots, or as groundcover and is hardy and drought tolerant once established.

Have a great week Greenies! :)

All the best. Jo Joanne Hughes Wanneroo Plant Farm Ph: 08 9405 2615


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