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Ahoy there Perthlings!

As the sun sets on another wild, wet and windy, Winter weekend we look forward to a hint of what Spring has in store. Yes, just three weeks away now and I for one am pretty ready for a bit of middle of the road, mild Spring weather.

Beating the Spring blossoming we are delighted to boast the beautiful blooms adorning these two plants of the week...

Our Lavender Avonview is definitely a view to behold with it's delicate purple blooms an absolute beacon for the bees! Ideal for borders, containers and rockeries it's fragrant, has silver, grey foliage with flower spikes that generally appear from early Spring through to Autumn and all year round in hotter climates. In ideal habitats it'll grow into a bushy shrub up to 1m x 1m but will need light trimming after flowering to maintain its shape. Lavender likes a full sun/part shade position and is excellent for the hot and dry areas of most gardens. A great candidate for hedges and borders as well as pots and containers.

Polygala Mini Gala is our other offering for the week with equally impressive purple petals at present! Also known as the sweet pea shrub, is a small, compact, fast-growing, colourful and hardy shrub. It's prolific flowering makes it a great choice for mass planting, is beautiful in borders or good in a feature pot too. Polygala prefers well-draining, damp not wet soil, flowers the most in full sun but can tolerate part shade and coastal positions. In an ideal situation Polygala Mini Gala can reach 1 to 2 meters high and wide with a light pruning of straggly stems after flowering to maintain a nice dense habit and to also encourage more flowers (keep well watered whilst in flower).

Have a great week guys and don't forget to email or call for your quotes and queries. All the best :) Jo Joanne Hughes Wanneroo Plant Farm Ph: 08 9405 2615


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