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Hey there Greenfinger "da daaa da"

Obviously this should read Goldfinger and the tuneful da da-ing is reminiscent of good old Shirley Bassey (Burley Chassis as my dear old Dad calls her) singing the memorable, nay, iconic Bond movie theme tune! This week we pay homage to the best ever James Bond actor who sadly left us for the heavenly stage aged a magnificent 90 years! Possibly the only actor with the ability to convince the world he was a Russian Navy submarine Captain...with a Scottish accent! Whatever part he played he certainly left me shaken AND stirred I don't mind telling you! RIP gorgeous Mr Connery.

So this week we have an absolutely gorgeous array of natives for you, looking far more authentic than our Sean's Russian submariner! They'll certainly be doing their bit to help rejuvenate the native birds and the bees wherever they're planted. This show-stopping line up reads (L to R): Grevillea Superb 130mm, Grevillea Coconut Ice 130mm, Grevillea Thelemanniana Green 130mm, Grevillea Bonnie Prince Charlie 200mm, Sollya Heterophylla 130mm and Callistemon Hannah Ray 130mm.

Have a great week!

Jo :)

Joanne Hughes

Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 08 9405 2615

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