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Winter already!!!

Crikey Perthlings,

Happy WA Day weekend and hello Winter!

All of us here at WPF hope you've all come through the last week or two of wild weather unscathed and have been able to relax and enjoy some well earned time out this long weekend!

We know WA peeps are made of strong stuff and more resilient than most, so to further celebrate this amazing state of ours and it's incredible inhabitants we would like to present the WA tough-guys of the botanical world! As sure as sunlight + chlorophyll = photosynthesis, the attached piccies have to be amongst the hardiest to thrive and survive whatever the WA Winter cares to throw at us!

Have a great week guys and stay safe :)

All the best


Joanne Hughes

Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 08 9405 2615

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