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Natural, native beauty!

Happy weekend Planty Peeps!

This week we are celebrating natural beauty...

As we emerge from the confines of the COVID-19 restrictions, as native Australians we are embracing a new us! Without the usual help from our hairdressers, nail salons, beauty salons with their plumping fillers and beautifying botox and amazing ability to control wayward eyebrows we are au-naturale and frankly I've found it liberating! Having not seen my natural hair colour since my late teens (a very long time ago) I've found a whole new me and am loving it!

So it's only fitting that we embrace our wonderful native plants who are also emerging from their seasonal confines to blossom forth into their full natural glory!

Posing proudly for us this week are Melaleuca Little Nessie, Hibbertia Scandens, Leptospermum Cardwell and Thryptomene Payne all in 200mm pots for instant impact and glorious Grevillea Tucker Time Fruitbox, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Carramar Orange in 130mm pots and full of flowers!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to enjoy and embrace all things natural around us

Best wishes


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