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Happy Mom's Day!

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all Mums and Mums of Mums!

Wishing you all a beautiful day celebrating the most important lady in your life, without whom you wouldn't be here!

So to give a warming glow to the cooler days and nights drawing in, it just wouldn't be Autumn with the russet reds and alluring amber of our favourite foliage so I am delighted to share our fabulous Fraxinus Raywoodii and our port-wine coloured Pyrus Calleryana Bradford. These two make for a stunning planting option to guarantee a warm hue in our cooler months!

For those of you looking for a further colour contrast in the garden bed we have Limonium Perezii bulging forth its pot full of big green, leafy foliage and budding in readiness for it's magnificent purple/blue floral canopy, these guys make a great dried flower display long after other blooms have passed too! For the shady corner of any garden or for great under-canopy planting you just can't overlook these stunning Cyathea Cooperi (tree ferns) in 200mm pots they are an immediate statement piece for an eye-catching tropical "Balinese Dream" garden area.

So enjoy your special Mothering Sunday Perthlings, we look forward to hearing from you next week and are always happy to answers questions, queries etc by email or phone.

Take care.

Jo x

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