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Fleeting but fun!

Hello there gents and gentesses!

How’s everybody’s weekend going? Fleeting as always but fun-filled I hope?! Did anyone notice the supermoon on Tuesday? A phenomenon when the moon may be mistaken for a larger than life, heaven sent wheel of mouthwatering Brie about to invade the earth's stratosphere? No? You mean you weren’t prepared for it?? No wine and crackers at the ready? Shame on you! No of course I jest...the correct definition of a supermoon is a full moon that is at its closest to our mother earth appearing far greater in size than usual thus creating what I am calling the Full-Brie effect. If you missed it fear not I believe there may be another full-Brie at the beginning of next month so get your platters ready! We have a lovely mix to appeal to all this week consisting of Claret ash already beginning to get their rich autumnal colours, firesticks with their aesthetically pleasing and spectacularly structured succy shape of which I highly recommend as a feature plant in your garden like me! To top it all off an oldie but a goody bonza hedging beauty- Myrsine Africans...huzzah! Well not surprisingly I’m craving cheese now so I’m off to raid the fridge hehe! Ta ta for now! Sent from Emma

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