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Greetings and salutations greenies!

Happy long weekend everyone can’t believe another week has passed us by and what an interesting week it has wise I mean! Storms and rain one minute and hot dry winds somehow with humidity simultaneously...just missing the snow and then one could quote the famous crowded house song *crowd participation please “four seasons in one day”

So from crowd participation to precipitation (hey hey..see what I did there..;)) I recently added a new word to my vocabulary which I thought I would share to make myself seem smart and interesting...Petrichor...the smell of rain. Specifically and wikipedially (yep that’s a new word) the scent created upon precipitation failing to dry earth. Not surprisingly this term was born by two very intelligent Aussie researchers in 1964 now obviously there’s a lot more science that I could drop on you but you’re all very busy peeps and I monopolise your time enough as it is but if you want to "geek out" look it up! I thought in light of the downpours we have experienced this would be an appropriate topic!

Finally from topic to tropic (heyoooh! *crowd participation “Oops I did it again..” apologies) the team at Wanneroo have gone tropo mad from phat Philo’s (not sure if the cool kids still use phat but works well with Philo and my brain is tired from all the Petrichor learnings) to schweet Scheffleras so add to cart immediately you won’t be disappointed!

Well will bid you all a wonderful and safe long weekend!

Sent from Emma

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