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Happy ‘straylia day

Well g’day there fellow Australians! Happy ‘straylia day long weekend to you one and all!!

How are we all spending our weekends...oooing and aaaing in a complementary manner as you feast your peepers on a firework display or perhaps a trip to the beach proudly displaying your Aussie flag adorned budgie smugglers/swimsuit or just chilling out home surrounded by your favourite fellow Aussie loved ones enjoying a bloody good barbie whilst sinking a few jars!

Well we won’t keep you long...check out our delightful arrangement of piccies for you for your ordering inspiration...some chunky cycads and girthy griffithii trees and lastly some you beaut, Crikey koala Cleveland select pear trees priced at only $65! Great bang for buck indeed!

Alright shazzas and dazzas will love ya and leave ya to enjoy your long weekends!

Sent from Emma

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