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Hello all!!

I hope you all had a magical Christmas filled with good food, good booze and good company! I trust you all made it to Saint Nicks nice list and not his naughty one and were spoilt accordingly?! As I mentioned before our family tradition is to either exchange homemade edible items on the big day usually of the sweet persuasion or a gag gift for a bit of fun and this year was no exception...I bought my in laws a pack of bar mats comprising of different drinking games and a candle made to look like a can of gin and tonic (yep in case you didn’t know this about us already we are fair to say frequent purveyors of the Nono juice) and matching Xmas tees for my mum, sister and myself to wear on the day!

After reviewing our Xmas days events with my mum she came up with the brilliant idea of what are the top ten most naff naff gag gifts from last year as voted by the Aussie public and this is what was revealed to be the worst out of 1000 people....


Closely followed by canned unicorn meat!! I think that ones my fave! Have included photo for your entertainment!

Anyway Dave has hand picked you some beauts this week all of the trendy wendy indoor persuasion from fetching ficus and bold blechie babes to excitingly enormous Elkies...we have something to quench all your plant thirsts!

Ta ta for now and look forward to checking in with you all in 2020!

sent from Emma

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