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Minimum effort, maximum impact!

Hi fellow Greenies! :)

Once more another week has flown by! Almost two weeks into October, my first batch of Christmas pressies purchased, several defeatist glares at the enormity of the gardening project ahead to be ready for Christmas (yes, that one week of the year where everything has to look spiffingly immaculate for all the family and friends you adore and want to welcome unreservedly into your home). We spend all our time picking enormous grass seeds out of the dogs, pulling weeds and glaring at the enormous swimming pool for which mankind has yet to invent a cover of such random form and gargantuan size, however, two beautiful wild ducks have adopted it as their home over Winter and now we haven’t the heart or energy to commence the usual massive pre-Summer clean up that befalls the lucky resident of a wonderful property from the 1970’s! Wouldn’t change a thing (except maybe the lack of a Powerball win with which to hire many hands to make light of the work). So, you’ll understand if you don’t get an invite for a Christmas Pimms and lemonade!

If looking for a stunning impact from the comfort of your cool, shady patio in preparation for the silly season Blechnum Brasilience is definitely blazing a trail with her stunning flare of colour, which has been known to become more and more vivid with every glass of Pimms, so I’m told <blush>. This year my heart is set on the easy care, great colour range and waterwise...succulents! Crassula Gollum, Sedum Blue Feather, Dwarf Pink Pigface…need I go on? The possibilities are endless, they make fantastic gifts and stunning features, we let the artistic talents of our gorgeous girls in the nursery run riot on two large succi bowls to help display our ranges of colourful succis so if you need inspiration drop by and say hi! Always delighted to see you and happy to help.


Best wishes


Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 9405 2615

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