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Wet, windy weekend!

Wonderous Winter Solstice weekend greetings! 😊

We are once more blessed with a liberal helping of the heavenly H20, a deluge currently so ferocious that we’ve had four frogs seeking sanctuary through the ever-open doggie door in the past hour!

So, more power to all willful weekend warriors who refuse to be beaten into submission by a generous drop of the wet stuff…don your waterproofs and wellies and get the job done! <thumbs up emoji>

By way of solace this washed out Solstice we’re sending you some brilliant bang-for-buck beauties; photos attached of our phantastic (artistic licence 😊) Philo Rojo Congo 200mm, magnificent Magnolia Little Gem 200mm and colourful Camellia Sasanqua Roseanne 250mm and finally…photogenic frog number four alias Freddo 😉

Stay safe, warm and dry Perthlings!

Best wishes


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