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Stormy skies ahead!

Hi there Perthlings,😊

We are in for a total contrast to last weekend, some wild, wet and windy stuff being thrown at us for the next few days! How fantastic is all that rain though, the ground just soaks it all right up like a sponge and making the water tables a little higher tonight already! Hopefully the damaging winds won’t cause too much trouble to Perth and the South West.

As we’ve all had a short week this week, I’ll keep the waffle shorter too! But steering away from the indoor plants (for a rare change) and keeping us outside with the eternal favourite the Pony Tail or Beaucarnea Recurvata. Our photo here is a lovely specimen but doesn’t fairly portray the magnificence of its future-self having matured for a decade plus in the perfect environment. Our other photo this week flirts mercilessly with the veritable devotees of variegation, Alpinia Zerumbet Variegata (Variegated Shell Ginger). A versatile, clumping, shade-loving variety that goes a long way to lift the shadows of a shady under-storey planting opportunity with stunning cascades of white flowers in Spring.

I will leave you there to ponder the planting potential of these two gorgeous plants…

Have a great week lovelies 😊

Take care, stay warm, dry and safe.

Best wishes


PA to Rod & Em

Wanneroo Plant Farm

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