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Ice, ice, baby! Brrrrrrrr!

Hello all you lovely Plant Peeps! 😊

Cold enough for you all?! The last few nights/early mornings we have had ice on the windscreens (another lesser known hit by Deep Purple)! I have to say I’m happy to hear things will be warming up a tad next week but not so much that the pressure cooker will be redundant already as just loving this weather for all the meaty stews, lamb shanks and bone broth yum, the house smells divine and I’m hungry just typing the words! 😊 This weekend sees a couple of special family birthdays for my clan and a bouquet arrived in loving memory of a dear departed who had a birthday today, delightful flowers from a very dear friend and amongst it all was Geraldton Wax!

Our first lovely photo just happens to be gorgeous Geraldton Wax (Chamelaucium) Purple Pride which is just bursting with buds and about to give a display that would send any Florist into a flap! Secondly, I’d like to introduce you to the lovely Edna Butler, a Camellia with blooms as beautiful as her namesake I’m sure and quite a statement piece in a 250mm pot, we have added a few other colourful Camellia varieties this week so do check out the availability list and don’t hesitate to google those names if they’re new to you (I have to all the time), when in bloom some of these ladies are just stunning! Moving on from the shrubbery to the greenery lol, still great candidates for many applications are the Liriope Evergreen Giant and the Blechnum Silver Lady Fern. Shown here individually and on-mass in the bay to demonstrate their singular beauty and the stunning effect of a bit of mass under-shade planting, very flexible crowd-pleasers that look amazing and that I’m delighted to share with you!

Stay warm and have a great week 😊

Best Wishes


PA to Rod and Em

Wanneroo Plant Farm

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