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Wet Wet Wet!

Hey Perthlings!

With the wettest July on record for a couple of decades I believe, the subject of water springs to mind!

Water is the only substance on earth found in all three forms - liquid, solid and as a gas.

MAKING IT UP... You cannot make water. All there is, is all there is! It came from space arriving by comet and asteroid, mostly arriving about 4 million years ago during a period known as the Late Heavy Bombardment (not sure what happened during the early heavy bombardment!) Our water is mostly trapped in solid form as ice, such as at the Antarctic where the ice sheet is around 2km thick, or in liquid form in our vast oceans and in the atmosphere as a gas. Yes it's true – the water you drink today has been drunk (and peed out) before, by dinosaurs, if not by another human. We humans probably haven't been around long enough to have drunk every molecule but scientists who did the maths have worked out that every molecule of water you drink has indeed passed through a dinosaur. After all, various dinosaur species trod the earth for over 180 million years – plenty of time to drink long and deep and, well, pass (or piss) it on. Credit to Animal Ark for this wonderful wisdom!

This week's trifecta of tantalising temptation in a pot starts with two truly ornamental lovelies...Clivia Miniata and Elkhorn Fern, and last but not least is the Pittosporum Hole in One. They all have two things in common, they thrive at this time of year and look divine, plus need very little in the way of upkeep, win win!

Have a great week all!

Best wishes Jo :) Joanne Hughes Wanneroo Plant Farm Ph: 08 9405 2615


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