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Welcome to another weekly WPF update.

Hola Greenies,

This week for the Landscapers amongst you we have the fabulous Rosemary Tuscan Blue just starting to throw open some flowers in the 200mm size and creating that fragrant hedging option loved by people, birds and bees alike. For the Chefs we have Rosemary Officinalis 200mm Rosmarinus officinalis, upright, hardy, woody stemmed, evergreen, low shrub with green, needle-like foliage that releases fragrant oils when crushed, the uncrushed leaves are a favourite ingredient in cooking (great sprinkled on a lamb roast !). Rosemary produces lavender-blue coloured flowers throughout autumn, winter and spring. An amazing attractant to the birds and bees, does need regular trimming to keep tight and bushy, looks great in ornamental pots, mass planted or as low hedging.

Another for the landscapers or succulent bowl artists, Crassula Capitella Bonfire. Turns a vibrant orange-red colour when exposed to full sun or when stressed through the Winter weather conditions. It is a hardy and useful landscape plant when used in rockeries, in a feature planter or succulent assorted display bowl.

Finally one for your indoor displays, Ficus Elastica Burgundy. The Burgundy Rubber Tree is a spectacular indoor plant with thick, glossy leaves that range from a rich burgundy red to almost black. Native to the rainforests of India and South America, it can quickly adapt to common indoor temperatures. Given enough bright indirect light, ample humidity, and with careful watering, will thrive in the home or office.

Have a great week and drop us an email if you have any questions.

All the best. Jo :) Joanne Hughes Wanneroo Plant Farm Ph: 08 9405 2615


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