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The countdown has begun...the advent calendar doors are still being torn off with gusto as the "delicious" advent chocolate doesn't really start tasting like cheap cooking chocolate until closer to Chrissy when the good stuff gets opened and there's a real comparison to be made! But hey ho, it's fun and we love it so much we do it every year! Except this year we didn't! Nope, I rebelled and bought a coffee-pod advent calendar for "him indoors" and fabulous fur-kid advent calendars from the fabulous Mundaring-based Skinny Dog Pet Treats online store...and for me I hear you ask? Well, in every household there's the "Christmas shopper" and that's me, so I don't have one for myself, instead I just open a different kitchen cupboard door per day and eat the contents!!!

So to continue in a festive vein this first photo of a cutie in a red bootie couldn't look more jolly if it were holly! Of course it isn't but it is an awesome Westringia Mundi aka Coastal Rosemary. Easy care, tough, ground cover native that looks amazing in mass planting, borders or pots. Sporting masses of stunning, star-like white flowers it thrives in full sun, part shade, sandy or well-draining clay soils and even tolerates drought and cold temperatures when established.

Ho Ho hopping indoors now to the impressive Ctenanthe Grey Star in 250mm pots, quite a show-piece to hang your baubles on! I've seen the colours of this beauty described as pewter and purple, colours making the ample, artistically patterned leaves a true work of art, a highly attractive houseplant with potential for shady underplanting in protected tropical gardens. This beauty needs humidity and regular water. Also known as a Never Never Plant or Prayer Plant and related to Maranta, Stromanthe and Calathea the Grey Star's light foliage is a beacon to brighten any room!

Have a great week out there and don't forget to play safe in the summer sun!

Seasons grinchings :)


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