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Greetings Greenies...

This week we're delighted to bring you a real treat for those sensory garden lovers!

Colourful Cordyline Rubra in 200mm are just vibrant with new pink foliage, a treat to have indoors to brighten a shady corner and outside, understory or mass planting gives a crazy collection of colour in the garden. Creative planting can be achieved by combining Cordyline Pink Diamond with Rubra for a variety of colour! Plant in a full to part shade position in the garden in free draining soil. Mulch when planting and water regularly until established. Cordylines are quite hardy and will tolerate periods of sun although they prefer filtered light and need protection from frost.

If you're a fragrance fanatic, like me, then our fabulous Fragrance Range of plants is definitely for you! This week the gorgeous Nessie of the nursery, protector of the plants, is guarding the gorgeous Gardenia that feature in our Fragrance Range as they look so lush and glossy! Fun fact - Gardenia are in the coffee family, producing fragrant white to yellow flowers and lending themselves to all manner of situations inside or out. Gardenia enjoy some sun and some shade, like to be fed generously and prefer neutral or acid compost with regular watering (taking care not to over-water). Each variety has its own growth habit so be sure to talk to our knowledgeable staff should you want some guidance over which would suit your particular project best.

Here's hoping Perth gets the promised precipitation soon!

Have a great week :)

All the best


Joanne Hughes

Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 08 9405 2615


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