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Happy weekend Perthlings!

What a belter of a weekend, the AFL Grand Final yesterday and a toasty warm day today, just made for relaxing by the pool with a cool drink in your hand! Hope you're all enjoying the break!

Our Cycas Revoluta in 400 and 500mm sizes are just perfect for feature planting as the Western Australian Summer looms ever closer, they're able to withstand hot, arid conditions, cope well in full sun and are a waterwise addition to any display. These tough-cookies of the plant world, originally from Japan and China have evolved from Cycads approximately 200 million years ago, in the Jurassic ages. Their lush green fronds are similar to the look of palms but the beauty of Cycads is their lack of height compared to palm trees, growing to around 6m tall (max) making them far more user friendly when it comes to maintenance. Suited to a range of well-drained soils and regular, thorough watering for the first few years until well-established, Cycads can thrive virtually anywhere!

Pittosporum Tenuifolium Golf Ball is also a worshipper of full sun and grows vigorously without needing any real pruning to maintain shape and size. It has a rounded growth habit (hence the name), soft green glossy foliage and small, subtle brown/purple flowers, is perfect for hedging and very cute in a feature pot with a maximum growth of around 50cm tall and wide! An absolute win for the less labour intensive garden-lover!

Have a great week and stay cool Greenies!

Best wishes


Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 08 9405 2615

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