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G'day Greenies!

Happy weekend one and all once again! Well it’s that time again when I bore you all senseless with my nonsensical wafflings...sometimes featuring plants...hooray I hear you all say...sarcastically!! Hehe!

Well this week...Peter piper picked a peck of pickled....patersonias! Perfectly pretty pops of purple petals a plenty! A poised and proper plant - precious but hardy grass to pretty up any place!

I feel like I’ve just presented an episode of Sesame Street...this week's episode was brought to you by the letter P!

Anyhooo enough of that, now to the serious business of trees. We have some absolute pearlers for your perusing pleasure! Advanced Callistemon kings park in full fabo flower and one of my personal faves Robinia mop tops...I just love these babies! A real statement tree with stunning foliage and structure, plus I just love the name. I like to call them MOPPERS!

Ok chaps thanks for reading and supporting. Take care and enjoy your weekends :)

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