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Happy weekend campers!

Just love this time of year...everything waking up from winter, buds beginning with promise of colour and delightful floral displays! On the down side it also means higher pollen count and subsequently hay fever for some unfortunate chaps....meh!

Very excited for all the new goodies that we have coming along for you and with this lovely warm spring weather we have been having it won’t be long so stay tuned!

But for now we still have a great range of goodies for you including a couple of hardy faves for our Perth climate...myoporum insulare and dietes grandifloras. Fantastic for harsher conditions such as coastal or sandy, dry soil this pretty white flowering groundcover and this water wise broad leaf grass featuring white with violet and yellow marked flowers would prove ideal choices in a low maintenance garden.

Ok team well enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks

Sent from Emma

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