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Afternoon chaps and chapesses

Well the weather has been a tad unpredictable to say the least this weekend so gardening just for the daredevils out there!! But alas rain is always good...but not too much for these couple of succy babies! it me you’re looking for...?

I can see tetras in your eyes...

I can see terrariums in your smile...

Succys are all I ever wanted and my rockeries are bare and dry!

However if succys aren’t quite your cup of tea then perhaps you might like a pear tree?! We have stunning ornamental pear Bradfords standing about 1.6-1.8m tall in 30lt about to burst with flowers...the time is now guys, get them before they open for a stunning floral display! *Partridges are not included.

Well I will leave you to groan over my ridiculous babble and butchering of yet another classic song!


P.S. Credit to Mr Lionel for his lyrical genius and yes he is a customer...;)

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