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Winter on the way out!

Hey Perthites,

Another Winter week passes us by and our thoughts turn more to the ease of planting out Spring projects!

Dioon Spinulosum is our first featured photo in 250mm pots also known as the Gum Palm but looking surprisingly like a fern! Very slow to grow but can ultimately achieve a whopping 3-4 meters diameter and 15 meters height in ideal conditions, they can be grown indoors, outside, in pots or planted out as a feature. Foliage can burn in full sun so a bit of broken shade is preferred in a frost and drought-free spot.

Our middle ground, flowering plant pick is the gorgeous Dietes Grandiflora also known as Wild Iris. Not an Australian native but very much at home here in WA loving full or part sun. In ideal planting situations maximum growth can be 1m by 1m in a fabulous clumping form created by overlapping green grassy foliage and tall statement stems bearing stunning Iris-shaped flowers of white, orange and purple. Dietes make flexible additions for containers, borders or mass planting and are fairly hardy and low-maintenance once established.

Finally our low-growing ground cover of the week is the Myoporum Insulare, native across WA to NSW and Tasmania it has a few common names, Boobialla being one. Thriving in a sandy, coastal habitat it's growth can be both prostrate and upright to a max of 6m in height, flowering occurs towards the end of Winter and right through Spring with a show of white flowers and purple berries that the birds enjoy! Resilient to most weather but frost can cause defoliation.

Enjoy the photos guys and don't hesitate to call if you have any questions.

Have a great final week of Winter!

Best wishes


Joanne Hughes

Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 08 9405 2615

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