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Countdown to Spring!

Hola Perthlings!

Only two weeks til Spring...wahoooooo!!!

So if this weekend's Wintry blast has left you on for some fabulous suggestions to bring a warm, tropical feel to wherever you may be planting next!

We have all you need for that impressively long driveway, line with statement piece trees like the Pyrus Cleveland Select in 400mms looking tall and sentry-like in Winter but as the seasons roll by it will amass stunning white blossom, these ornamental pears sure know how to dress to impress! With a view to impress, our instant-hedge making Viburnum Tinus 400mm are flowering their pots off and looking mighty fine!

Now for the tropical wave of wonderment to wash over as you admire the ostentatious Arthropodium Matapouri Bay 250mm bursting forth in a flurry of leafy bushy-ness and making all your dreams come true if you're looking for excellent bang for buck (seriously, these guys look like they're on steroids)! Finally, to fill the underplanting needs in the shady nooks of your tropical garden look no further than the delights that are the Schefflera Alpine Junior, already a well established size in a 250mm pot and the Asplenium Victoria a regal relative of the more commonly found Bird's Nest Fern. Give us a call or a visit if you need ideas or inspiration!

Happy planting and have a great week! :)

Best wishes


Joanne Hughes

Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 08 9405 2615

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