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Artistic license lol!

Happy weekend green gods and goddesses! So when one cleans and prepares multiples of the same plant to ready it for its new home...there comes a moment in time aroundabout when you get to plant 40-50 (my personal tipping point but everybody’s different) that you need to give it its own theme song...for your own amusement and sanity to get you through the monotony of the 50 or 100 to follow. So with us lot being the over-sharers that we are, I thought I would share one of my latest creations... Thanks for your tolerance, if you make it further than this and apologies in advance for any Rihanna fans out there. Enjoy your weekends guys! When the sun shine, they grow together They won’t last here forever Soil will always be your friend Took some snips , I'ma trim up the ends Check out my dianellas, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh Just look at my umbrella, ella, ella, A-Ma-Te My stripey dianellas, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh But also my umbrella, ella, ella, A-Ma-Te Sent from Emma

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