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Fern Favourites!

Happy weekend once again everybody!

Well I know this weather has been decidedly all over the show of late so allow me to share with you a stable and consistently lovely range of goodies from our tropical range...(just quietly - my fave!) Fabulous ferny frivolity found wanting in the form of Asplenium Victoria and one of our best sellers Blechnum silver lady. Both displaying striking fronds and will add texture and wow factor to any tropical shady haven.

Looking for something a little hardier but within the realms of exotic then check out our Arthropodiums. Hailing from New Zealand and also known as Rock or Renga Renga lily, these fleshy strappy leafed beauty’s boast a shower of delicate snowdrop flowers late spring - early summer that are simply stunning!

Well enjoy what’s left of the weekend team and stay green!

Sent from Emma

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