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Indoor jungles...

Hola Perthlings,

Another week has flown by us, as has the first half of Winter already and in spite of the occasional nasty storm we haven't had too much to complain about with the odd stunning day or too like today! However, we're in for some more wet windy stuff next week so our thoughts are going indoors to keep us all feeling warm and upbeat!

Our first pick of the week is the gorgeous, big bushy Ficus Lyrata aka Fiddle-leaf Fig in 400mm pots, originating from West Africa and thriving in rainforests it can grow up to 50ft tall if planted in an ideal habitat outside. Thankfully, when grown indoors in a nice-size pot you'll appreciate its maximum potential growth only being 10ft tall. Be careful not to over-water as some can be killed with kindness and to help it live a long and happy life in your home give it a humidifier or two. Our second pick is a native of South America, the Philodendron Rojo Congo in 200mm, these bad boys are amazing value for money and add a splash of colour to the philodendron varieties with its glossy green-burgundy foliage and upward/outward growth habit rather than the creeping, vine-like growth of so many other members of the Philo family.

On a slighter sweeter and definitely upbeat note, while on the subject of fabulous foliage, I was pondering the magical talents of a special lady whose sweet treats and decorating are tantamount to artwork! I have ordered myself a special birthday cup cake creation from Jenne at Posh Little Cakes having sampled her incredible sweet treats and now I'm hooked! My absolute predicament is which fancy floral or fabulous foliage design to choose and share with our team here at WPF. The many different designs and delicacies magically created by Jenne can be seen beautifully showcased on her website through the link below, perfect for the plant-loving person in your life but not limited to plant or flower themed either! Jenne's incredible imagination has created many a bespoke, personalised celebration masterpiece, divine macarons, wedding favours and melting moments to die for! Enjoy!

Have a great week :)


Joanne Hughes

Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 08 9405 2615

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