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Winter tales...

Happy weekend Gardenites!

Here's hoping you guys have been able to embrace the past few days of gorgeous sunny weather and now once more we brace ourselves for a further wet, Wintry onslaught!

It's around this time of year that my blog-waffle usually turns into drooly drivel about delicious Winter warmer meals with a fine wine in front of a log fire. Well, this year shall be no different lol! I find it warms me no end to discuss what one is creating in the slow or pressure cooker for inner warmth after a cold, wet day and have enjoyed having a couple of convos this week with some of our lovely, like-minded customers! I remember back in the day when my poor Mum risked life and limb to balance those weights on top of the huge, old hefty aluminium pressure cooker! It would splutter and spurt boiling hot steam at great pressure as it came to heat and then seal like magic but the teetering of the weights on top would continue as a sign of the wizardry at work inside...we as a family, would hold our breath and run for cover for fear of spontaneous combustion sharing what promised to be an amazing pot of deliciousness with the kitchen walls and ceiling! Thankfully my lifelong fear of pressure cooking has been replaced by the love and respect of my One Pot, a fabulous multi-cooker of many talents that produces the most amazing range of dishes ever without needing to wear PPE and take out extra life insurance!

On that note I'll briefly get to the actual point of this week's update and photos lol! Dietes Grandiflora looking bushy, green and fabulous plus the glowing Euphorbia Firestick radiating warm orange vibes like a beautiful beacon!

Enjoy Greenies and have a great week!

Warm wishes

Jo :)

Joanne Hughes

Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 08 9405 2615

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