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Seasons Greetings???

Hey Perthlings,

Another wonderful weekend is with us already, in a blink of an eye the week has flown by! To be honest that's how I feel about this year so far! The next statement is one I haven't envisaged ever saying but here goes...we're preparing for Christmas celebrations! Yep, for the first time ever we're going to embrace the cold Winter Chrissy in July! Em has been online shopping for really bad Christmas jumpers for the family members taking part and it's become a very welcome distraction after the past couple of months as I'm sure a lot of you will understand.

So if you'll excuse me a little indulgence in some unseasonal festive spirit our first couple of pics this week are our pear trees!!! :) (no partridges in sight). These guys would look like impressive, uniform sentries lining a sweeping driveway fit for the fanciest of sleighs!

Next up we have the bearer of bells...ok, stretch that imagination even further for me if you will... not quite jingle bells but these beautiful Clivia Miniata certainly have potential for the most stunning bell-shaped flowers!

Finally, you'll be happy to hear I'm fresh out of ideas to link this luscious looking fern to any festive feature, the bold and beautiful Nephrolepis Floriane!

Ok guys, I promise to make it stop now :)

Have a great weekend all.

Seasons greetings!


Joanne Hughes

Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 08 9405 2615

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