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Colour me happy! (an immortal exclamation from Pretty Woman - a great chicky flick for our viewing e

As all us hooman beans have had too many grey old days so far this year we decided to send you some warm and cheerful colour to brighten your week! Those of you who've been getting our emails for several years now will know I LOVE AUTUMN! Yes, this is where I start spouting those unforgettably haunting Moody Blues lyrics!

Sooo to continue our quest to bring you the best we have the prettiest of the royal family, our divine Pink Princess with profuse poppings of pink! Plus sacred by name sacred by nature, our divine Sacred Bamboo AKA Nandina Blush and Moonbay are busy putting the mmmm in Autumn and just starting to set the world on fire (in the safest way possible)! As all you Greenies know...the colder it gets the hotter these guys' colours flush so planting now will assure you of a spectacular array of Winter warmth in the coming months.

Don't forget you can still just give us a call, drop us an email or question through our website anytime!

Stay safe, keep those trowels to the ground and those seccies a snipping!

Have a good week guys!

Jo x

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