Welcome back Perthlings!


Yet another week has flown by and here we have another update for you!


It has been an amazing couple of weeks here at WPF HQ, we have been welcoming in some awesome new stock to grow to perfection over the next few weeks of wonderful Perth Spring/Summer weather. It is so good to see our stock list starting to swell it's pages once again.


This week we have several new additions to the list but also want to remind you of some old favourites too.


The amazing deep burgundy colour of Alternanthera Little Ruby makes it a firm favourite that flies out the door as fast as we can grow them!  It's mounding ground-cover growth habit is compact but spreading, making it a really flexible feature in the garden. It likes humidity, but also tolerates frost better than other Alternanthera; displaying white flowers in spring and reaching a potential maximum size of 40cm H x 90cm W.  Plant in full sun to part shade in well drained moist soils and it will look great in containers, as a border or ground cover in garden beds.


A new addition to our Camellia range is the Sasanqua Weroona; it's deep pink buds open into large white flowers with soft pink margins contrasting with it's glossy evergreen foliage. So versatile, perfect for hedging, feature planting and screening when planted in well drained soil in full sun to part shade. Protect from harsh sun and strong winds and you should enjoy a maximum growth around 2.5m tall x 2m wide.

Last but by no means least are our stunning Ficus Hillii standards in 400mm pots perfect statement pieces to line a driveway, stand sentry at the entry or proud as punch on the patio! It's dense, glossy evergreen foliage will look amazing in full sun or part shade and can tolerate a windy position. With regular pruning of foliage and roots it can be kept in a container happily.


Have a great week!


Best wishes




Joanne Hughes

Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 08 9405 2615

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X is for Xanadu a philo or song

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Z is for Zamia in pot or bed can't go wrong!

This is the end of my silly little rhyme, hope your weekend has been mighty fine! Lol!

Sincere apologies



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