Nursery A-Z

A is for apple or Malus to you

B is for Bali Dream created by us too

C is for Cycads for big impact plus

D is for Dietes variety without fuss

E is for Elkhorn a beauty in shade

F is for Ficus, a fiddle-leaf played

G is for Ginger Alpinia or Nutans

H is for Hibiscus for Balinese fans

I is for Illawarra to set hearts aflame

J is for Jasmine whose fragrance does reign

K is for Kennedia that grows like it's supersonic

L is for Lemon for my Gin and Tonic!

M is for Magnolia a real little gem

N is for Nandina a blush on a stem

O is for Olive, martini garnish and tree

P is for Prunus gives blossom for the bee

Q is for Queen in Agapanthus and Nephro

R is for Rosemary Tuscan ready to go

S is for Syngonium Red heart perfect for Valentines

T is for Tinus whose hedge privacy finds

U is for Ussuriensis or Manchurian Pear

V is for VALENTINES day looming near

W is for Wanneroo Plant Farm where this rhyme has gone

X is for Xanadu a philo or song

Y is for Yucca so sturdy and strong

Z is for Zamia in pot or bed can't go wrong!

This is the end of my silly little rhyme, hope your weekend has been mighty fine! Lol!

Sincere apologies