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Happy Valentine's weekend to all of you!

Our pretty in pink photos were picked especially for the job this week with the heart-poundingly pink shades of Syngonium Red Heart, passionate pink petals and fantastic fragrance from Rosemary Majorca Pink but the ultimate pot of passions is of course...Alternanthera Little Ruby with it's moody, lustfully deep purple/pink petioles you are surely powerless to resist it's beckoning to the darker side...of the garden that is!

We are all thrust headlong into yet another frenzy of retail panic by this day of the year, what to buy to demonstrate your feelings adequately to that extra special someone in your life. My beloved bought me two new saucepans, which we needed for sure so both a thoughtful and useful gift! What better vessels with which to express my gratitude and love by cooking a sumptuous repast for his Valentine's Day dinner served with a special twist to further demonstrate my delight at said gift by keeping it nice and hot for him in our dog!

Remind me to tell you about the year he bought me a new ironing board for Christmas sometime!!!

Okay guys, enjoy your delicious choccies, stunning roses and the rest of the weekend!

Yours cynically

Jo x

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