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Happy weekend once again everybody! I trust we all had a marvellous week?!

We have been fortunate enough to welcome some adorable little ducklings to our family with baby chicks not far behind hopefully! I am currently enjoying catching up with Mother dearest and her precious posse of puppies and I tell you I don’t know how she managed to get anything done surrounded by these dangerous levels of distracting cuteness! As we speak I am attempting to type whilst I have a delightfully squirmy Rosie try to climb my torso and darling ted bear (side note- I also call Ted Astaire due to his mad dancing moves!) with his severe aversion to technology swatting my phone with his furry paw! Tough working conditions indeed!

Our family here at Wanneroo have been working very hard to present you all once again with a fabulous range of perfect piccies to ooohhh and ahhh at, ranging from alluring Alternantheras to terrifically, tantalizing, tangerine adorned Tiger grass in 250mm!

So without further ado I present them to you and will bid you all adieu!

Tata for now!

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