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Welcome to 2020 team!

We hope you all had an awesome and memorable new year or to quote my hilariously witty Grandad "Happy Thick Ear"! Ours was fantastic but less memorable...just for me anyway, not only did I not make it to midnight to see in the new year (again...shocker!) I was informed of the last few hours of my New Year’s Eve as alas I seemed to have lost some time! So note to self red wine + lamb leftovers + copious amounts of super strong eggnog = deep boozy induced couch drooling comatosed hostess minus the mostest! Extremely disappointing as I adore eggnog but I have no memory of sucking down this delicious bevy let alone making it! Apparently after mixing said cocktail and delivering to the family I retired to the couch cocktail in hand and proceeded to doze. So after some time Rod and his folks conspired that the right thing to do would be to relieve me of my delicious drink and share it was then that I immediately came to, drained the decadent concoction then returned back to my slumber! Needless to say, I paid for it the next day and the days chores were a bit harder, louder and brighter beyond comfort to put it lightly! I am sure I am not alone in my personal recounting of the New Years celebrations?! I blame it on my inner party goblin that is activated after a few too many...she is a wicked minx and has a lot to answer for! She’s the reason why I woke up with a combo of nog, red wine and grease down my top/face/hair and why I slept in my makeup! She’s also the reason why you over-rum-sauced the nog and shared it with not just the family but also most of the kitchen cupboards also!

Anyway to celebrate the start of the new year we have some stunners for you to check out this week. We have some stunning Lagerstroemia trees and Black Magic Aggies in full flower and chunky Sedum Green Bambinis plus the Syngonium Red Hearts in our beautiful Bali range are simply glowing vivid pink! Check pics attached for ordering inspiration.

Well happy thick ear everyone and wishing you all a fabulous start to 2020.

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