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Good day fine folk of Perth!

My stars what a sweaty Betty Saturday it be!

Well as promised I am sure you have all been eagerly awaiting the next installment of festive factoids! Picking up from last week on the subject of mince pies - this week still on topic of traditional treats I will be dropping some knowledge on the original plum/Xmas pudding.

So the humble British pud was born in the 14th century but not as we know it...a rich and decadent fruity, boozy, stodgy, cake mound but as a porridge called 'frumenty' consisting of beef and mutton with raisins, currants, prunes, wines and spices. Doesn’t quite have the same appeal now does it?! Especially when I tell you this weird meaty, fruity gruel was sometimes more like soup served as a dish to break a long fast in preparation for the Christmas festivities to come! Well I guess being fasted this brothy, is it sweet? Is it savoury? Oh wait it’s both...congee like substance would taste divine if you had been starving for a period of time! However this frumenty did change somewhat by 1595 into the familiar plum pudding we all know and love and by 1650 it became the customary Christmas dessert around.

But that is not the end of our Christmas cake story...the delicious seasonal dessert was banned!! Cakey contraband! Sacrilege!! Fear not...King George made things right and reinstated said pud in 1714...hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray...Christmas pud is here to stay!

The end!!

Oh yea and don’t forget to check out our pretty plant offerings this week...the whole point of this email in the first place! The yellow cannas are stunning!

Happy weekend guys!

Stay safe in this heat!

Sent from Emma

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