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Happy weekend campers!

So topic this week is random sayings and from whence did they come from?? I was chatting with a dear friend and good customer and used the phrase cut the mustard and I pondered...several things...1) love that saying, note to self - use more often and 2) where the hell did this outlandish but somehow strangely appropriate arrangement of words to sum up its definition come to be in existence??

I then shared the latter thought with my friend and we agreed there must be a website out there consisting of hilarious and quirky sayings and their origin story!

However that was it for me...Pandora’s box was open and my brain continued to wander and ponder further about funny English idioms that I had been exposed to through my childhood...A storm in a teacup, pop your clogs, what a load of codswollop, Bob's your uncle and a fave of mine...a few sandwiches short of a picnic!!

So although this has absolutely sweet fudge all to do with this weeks plant pics of the week I imagine you are all thinking if you are still with me, I decided I would try to include as many quirky colloquialisms to describe our standouts because...well why the hell not?!

So I will cut to the chase...these aggies are the absolute bees knees bursting with bud, beauty and hardiness they really are the full monty!

Now a picture is worth a thousand you can see from this expertly shot pic (courtesy of Dave...Ta very much Davo) of our Balinese dream featured ficus lyratas...the darling of the indoor plant family! And the cherry on top, the icing on the cake, proving that beauty is not just in the eye of the’s also right there in the name! Our Aloe white beauty’s are decorated by our hunky Perth flourishers tag and I think you would agree are looking the ducks nuts right now!

Well hey presto I think I’m out of idiom ammo so on that note I will call it a day.(Last one!)

Enjoy your weekends everyone.

Keep calm and carry on and keep on truckin!

(I lied).

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