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Wicked Weather!

Happy wet and wild weekend kids!

So is it just me or does anyone feel like they’ve taken a spin in the Docs DeLorean and found themselves back in mid winter??! Now as a former Brit you know our talent for whingeing is legendary...a proud part of our heritage and second to none and won’t be long and I’ll be complaining it’s too bloody hot but I don’t think I’m over exaggerating! We have even had the fire on for last couple of days!

However the rain is very welcomed so will whinge less! Instead I’ll brighten your day with some pretty pics of our most photogenic plants of the week. So first up..not to be perturbed by the recent weather change and boldly brandishing bud is the attractive agapanthus summer blue. Captured wonderfully here in 200s by Amy, they are about to pop with their deep blue array of bell shaped flowers! You beauty!!!

Now changing gear to the indoor plant persuasion we have a cult classic and a permanent fave on the indoor circuit...the fiddle leaf ficus. One of our most popular in our Balinese dream range and has to be the most popular artificial and real plant featured on TV!

Ok gang will leave you alone now...that is if you have managed to make it this far through through the ramblings of a mad Englishwoman without dozing of??

Take care and stay dry!!

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