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Sprinting through Spring

Hey there Perthlings! :)

As we hurl headlong through Spring at an alarming rate I'd like to draw your kind attention to all things flowering...but first conservation!

Our pic of the week has to be our Seasonal Succulent Assorted 200mm pots, outstanding bang for buck bursting with several varieties of WATER WISE pretties plus they are in one pot instead of many so that's less plastic waste! Succulents are becoming more and more popular for their ease of care and application too but everywhere you turn on social media they're being showcased in recycled containers; laundry liquid bottles, hollow logs, plastic bowls or disused tyres to name but a few! As a really appalling segway our next photo is a flowering succulent (the delightful Echeveria Ripple Jade).

So, for further flowering fancies we have the rambling ground cover Convolvulus Cneorum with its sublime silver foliage and delicate white flowers, the perfect purple petals of the fragrant Lavender Avonview and the wonderful white Wedding Bush (Ricinocarpus). These are just to name but a few, so for any queries on these or anything you need that isn't mentioned here please give us a call!


Best wishes


Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 9405 2615

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