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Cheers luvies

Happy Saturday Perthlings😊

I’m writing this whilst huddled around the fire with ‘Him Indoors’ watching the Cricket on the goggle-box and the four fur-kids snuggled in tight stealing my warmth or is it me stealing theirs (not too sure) but boy, oh boy do we know how to party hard on a Saturday night! 😉 By all accounts it sounds like tonight is going to be one of the coldest so far this Winter.

In spite of it still being Winter we have some incredible optimism out there in the nursery which I just have to share with you this week; our stunning Anigozanthos Clear Red (beautiful, neat Roo Paw) is throwing it’s gorgeous flower stems in the air and just pinging out those petals like crimson talons at the end of a freshly manicured hand, as is the Viburnum Tinus looking vibrant with its bespoke, bridal bouquets blossoming forth all over its substantial embodiment of a 250mm pot , an absolute delight to behold and the bees are loving them too!

Next up, in the immortal words of Scotty on the Starship Enterprise…”Hold on Cap’n, I think he’s gonna blow” and by-crikey I’m inclined to agree with him in the case of this dodgy sounding alien, Aristea Ecklonii from the planet Potbuster, 200mm light years away! Seriously though, these pot-bustin beauties are now in bud and about to bedazzle us all with their byzantine blooms!

So as we’re reminiscing back to the 1970’s (when Spock was a lad), as a mere twinkle in my parents eyes I recall some seemingly ancient but incredibly resourceful old luvies; Great Aunty Ivy, Aunty Molly and Aunty Olive (Oli to her friends), (starting to sound like an interchange between Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders or was that more like Aunty Bolli-Stoli darling!), anyhow I’m actually thinking of our dear upright member of the community the Olive Tolley. A rather sturdy lass with her 305mm base but she is otherwise tall and slender with a certain elegance and class over and above her peers, a stunning Mediterranean masterpiece be they planted out to line a driveway or featured in terracotta pots, just divine darling! 😊

Enough now, hope you enjoy the pics, I’m off for a sneaky Saturday night snifter of Shiraz (inner warmth you know 😉).

Have a great week and give us a call if we can help with anything 😊



Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 9405 2615

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