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Plant Postulations!

Well happy Saturday boys and girls!

What a gloriously sunny weekend it has been I think you will agree! It’s enough to make you want to grab your gardening gloves and get out into the garden, get some vit D and a jump on springtime!? So this week the team of Wanneroo are proud to present a plethora of perfection to you....she says whilst partaking in a cheeky Prosecco for prime alliteration purposes of course ;) Ahem...moving on we have Philo Rojo Congo 200mms of epic proportions! I can’t tell you how much I love the Philo’s as does Mum, you might say we are Philo fanatics! (Pleading poetic license with that one!) They not only have beauty but they are such a low maintenance plant and go great outdoors under shade or indoors in low light conditions. Next up I’m going to group these babies together as I fear I may be losing a lot of you with my Prosecco postulations... Rhaphiepis indica 200s in full flower and also featured in our fragrance range, Syzigium resilience 305s and bush Xmas 250s all looking fabulous. These advanced shrubs would provide excellent options for landscapers or for people looking for hardy, low maintenance hedging options for a challenging, perhaps coastal garden or simply for a bit of privacy from those nosy Neighbour’s! Ok well I will sign off now as my Prosecco juice is getting warm! Enjoy the rest of your weekends chaps and enjoy the weather!



Wanneroo Plant Farm

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