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Looking Great inside and out!

Hello Perth Plant Peeps! 😊

Hope you’ve all enjoyed a great week and are looking forward to a perfect gardening weekend as the weather for the week ahead is looking outstanding for a midwinter week so time to make hay while the sun shines as the old farmers (and middle-aged, rather attractive and exceedingly modest garden nursery Administrator types) say. 😀

We have so many photos for you this week as so many gorgeous plants, indoor and outdoor, are just loving this weather! We have three types of Kangaroo Paws looking gorgeous with the Clear Reds coming into bud already, simply a Landscaper’s delight! Our Aloe Mitriformis is truly putting on a growth spurt with pups just filling the pots and our Syzygium Resilience and Bush Christmas are flushing well and reaching for that Winter sun almost on tip toes!

Step inside with me now while we take a look at the fabulous fern family photos we have for you this week! Elkhorn and Bird’s Nests, Blechnum Brasiliense and Silver Lady, Boston and Holly Ferns are all outstanding and a fabulous family of flourishing ferns for your indoor displays or for the landscaper’s shady-underplanting (sounds like dodgy dealings to me 😊what those landscaper’s get up to in the undergrowth is something for David Attenborough to report on perhaps)! 😉

Have an awesome week guys, please call if you need any help or advice on our current stock.

Best wishes


(Middle-aged (lol), rather attractive (double lol) and exceedingly modest garden nursery PA to the Bosses) 😀

Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 08 9405 2615

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