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Blooming lovely!

Happy Friday Greenies 😊

Hope your week has been one of great productivity and rewards thanks to our amazing Perth climate! (I shall not waffle about weather)!

For those of you engrossed in the Cricket main event of the year and probably not wishing to spend too much time reading emails I will keep it brief and interesting (hopefully).

We are bathing in the beauty of amazing blooms at the moment with the brilliant blue/purple flower of the Limonium Perezzii with it’s lush leathery green foliage, Thryptomene Payne and Geraldton Wax Purple Pride are positively popping those petals out for our perusing pleasure. Leptospermum Pearl is our last flower of the week but she surely is a precious gem with the prettiest blooms of all, like confetti on a branch ❤

For the foliage fans among you we are delighted to introduce Serissa Snow Leaves; a dainty but tough little cookie with small white, star-shaped flowers throughout most of the year. An evergreen with very attractive variegated foliage, looks amazing in rockeries but is versatile as a border, low hedge, feature plant or just potted, a low maintenance lovely for sure!

Enjoy your weekend!

Best wishes


Joanne Hughes

PA to R & E Servaas


Phone: 08 9405 2615

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