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Home is paradise!

Hey there lovely plant peeps 😊

No talk of the weather this week I promise, we are all very aware of how user un-friendly it is at the moment but it’s great for the garden so enough said! 😉

So just over half way through Winter with thoughts on holidays in warmer climates, cheap flights being advertised constantly to lure you away and if that’s not enough all the alluring plant-people pics on Face Book of their hols in the parts of the world where all the divine plants grow that we can’t get…torture isn’t it! Well one way of looking at it is, unavailability makes them more desirable and as the old saying goes “If you can’t have the one that you love, baby, love the one you’re with, yeah, love the one you’re with!” (Mmmm strong possibility it’s actually an old song) 😊.

Anyhoo, my ridiculous rambling is leading up to the beautiful, plants in our own back-yard paradise! Sneak one or two of these beauties in a colourful pot under the patio roof and voila you have your own tropical oasis! Yep, we have many varieties of gorgeous palms here in WA, but the Bangalow must be one of the nicest! Our first photo shows the size of our 200mm pot to be awesome value and already the perfect patio size. Also known as the Piccabean Palm (botanical name Archontophoenix Cunninghamiana), the Bangalow Palm is thought to get its name from Aboriginal words meaning water carrier as the leaf bases were used for that purpose. Enough waffle, I hear you cry! Moving swiftly along to the stunning Hibiscus Tiliaceus Rubra aka Cottonwood, a gorgeous example of something that looks exceptionally unusual for such a practical plant! Large heart-shaped foliage in rich shades of maroon and green with popping, bright yellow flowers. With regular pruning it’s a great hedging plant that can tolerate salt, high winds and poor drainage or give them some room to fill and they become a magnificent provider of shade and privacy…often a very desirable commodity in this age of smaller blocks and closer neighbors 😉

One last photo to share with you all as it’s been at least three, maybe four weeks and I only get this opportunity through the six coldest months of the year…but seriously guys, who doesn’t love this incredible show of nature’s warmth…I leave you with Nandina! (I know, I know, I have a terrible Obsession, enough to make a gal Blush!). 😊.

Have a great week guys, don’t hesitate to call if you need any help or advice on our stock.

Best wishes


Wanneroo Plant Farm

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